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Capacity Building Modules

The 2,5 daylong modules will be packed with practical tools and real life experiences. Networking sessions will allow participants to favor interaction and exchange of vision and views with other women driving innovation in healthcare.


The Capacity-Building programme is organized by leading academic institutions and is composed of three modules, complementary to each other, but self-standing. Participants can select the module that better fits their needs; however, we strongly encourage participants to attend the three modules to make the most of the WE Health programme. No participation fees are required; still, participants will have to cover their travel costs. 

Module 1: Unlocking your Innovative Potential – first steps towards leadership in Innovation

19, 20 and 21 June 2017, at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm


Do you use the full potential of your capabilities? Or are you lacking a vision that excites you?
The aim for this module is to put women’s entrepreneurial journeys in focus. Entrepreneurial creative, action oriented, independent and value creating. The module will take you through a series of interactive workshops, with the objective to map your individual needs and assets, apply creative tools and business methodology. After this module, you will have designed solutions to your challenges and made a plan of action, you will have taken the first steps towards leadership in innovation.


  • Needs Assessment, Challenges and Expectations
  • Identify Points of Action
  • Design your Plan of Action

Module 2: Enabling Change - Taking the Right Decisions and Communicating Them

4, 5 and 6 September 2017, at TUM, Münich


Do you also find yourself constantly faced with highly complex challenges or just simple work-related choices? Making decisions is a constant task that builds the basis for our future success. The willingness and ability to make decisions is the force that enables change and drives things forward - be it in a corporation or as entrepreneurial idea. This module aims at assessing your decision-making profile and providing you with the knowledge how to make sound decisions as individual or as a team with inner certainty. Accompanied by a communication training you will also learn how to communicate effectively to convince people with self-confidence and the way to accomplish women entrepreneurship innovation.


  • Decision Making Assessment
  • Taking Decisions – Input on different decision making typologies
  • Communication Skills, Inputs and Trainings

Module 3: Transforming and Innovating in Health Care – Getting Things Done

9, 10 and 11 October 2017, IESE Business School, Barcelona


This module focuses on how to get things done and on the way to put forward your ideas and plans. You will be engaged in an intense debate on the key issues affecting healthcare innovation and delivery today. By challenging each other, and sharing knowledge and experiences, you will gain new skills on entrepreneurship and leadership. The module is built on active learning methodologies. The case method will take your thinking to the next level, and interaction with our faculty members and peer-to-peer synergies will give you a broader perspective and insights to shape your professional future and growth as woman innovator and entrepreneur.


  • Entrepreneurship and Business Creation
  • Launching Opportunities inside Organizations
  • Leadership: Making Things Happen

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Registration Process

Women Scientists, Researchers, PhD students, Postdoctoral fellows, Entrepreneurs and Women leading innovative project in health-related industry, any women with an innovative and entrepreneurial mind-set can apply.


Candidates need to fill out the application form, attaching a short CV (1-page maximum) and including a statement of motivation explaining the reasons for applying to the WE Health programme and how they plan to apply new gained knowledge and skills to their health work environment, and its potential future impact. Selection will be based on motivational statement, a good geographical spread and profile diversity.


In words of our participants, it should be as easy as being listened to and being invited to be part of the conversation . And although they believe in the richness of mixed environments, they also greatly value having spaces that are dedicated exclusively to women for their ability to foster a different kind of environment and discussion, where a sense of common ground and shared experience help...
Participants had the chance to think about challenging questions for their future like "What would you do if you had a lot of money and you had to give it away one year from now?. They also took the time to imagine different scenarios where they would like to find themselves in 5 years; Do you see yourself in a dynamic place? Do you see yourself as a leader? What about you!?
Module 1
Do you want to know more about what participants learnt and experienced during Module 1? Here we start a serie of videos where four participants, Erin, Arianne, Celia, and Virpi want to share their reflections from the three days workshop; from their favorite session, to practical tools discovered, and motivational messages for the rest of WE Health network. Our first video answers the question ¿...

Who we are

EIT Health is a European healthcare initiative – and one of the largest healthcare initiatives worldwide. The EIT Health consortium consists of more than 50 core partners and 90 associate partners from leading businesses, research centres and universities from 14 EU countries. It serves as a network for the development of health-related innovations and business ideas.



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